Faith in God

God is More Pleased by Faith rather than Only Obedience

Faith is greatly exemplified in Hebrews Chapter 11, where it shows people of the Old Testament being blessed for exercising their faith. Nevertheless, before the Book provides the list for being faithful, God also warns us that most crucial part of the life of a Christian is faith, and God is not pleased with the person who lacks it.

Consider, not only giving the levy, but also devote all your money to work of God. Your life should be dedicated to serve God in any capacity, even if it is using all your spare moments to do such work. You could be spending many hours every day in reading the bible and doing prayers; however, God will not be pleased with all such things, when you lack faith.

Faith is the key element that distinguishes Christianity from other religious beliefs. It is said that Christianity is not simply a religion, but relating with the almighty at a very close level, and this is very easy to comprehend when there is faith. Religions other than Christianity emphasize on pleasing their god by doing certain things. Therefore, in other religions, salvation is a result of some work, and they mainly teach the things to be done for attaining salvation. However, the bible in contrast, explains that Christ has already attained salvation for us.

Take some time to consider, how salvation’s important facets is connected with eternal life. When God’s nature is eternal, what duration of work is required to gain eternal life? All this seems impossible to attain.

Unfortunately, quite a few Christians believe in conducting their lives by following some exercise, ritual, or formula for obtaining favor of God. For instance, the act of giving, is usually done out of belief or obligation, with the fear that God will strike them from heavens if they fail to do this. They believe that if they part with certain amount of funds, God will facilitate the work promotion that they have been praying so hard to achieve. You definitely cannot call this faith.

However, when you have true faith and offer tithe, fully knowing certain bills will remain unpaid, then you are looking up to God and communicating that even though this is beyond your understanding, you are going to obey the rule anyway out of trust and love, and you believe that everything will work out all right.

In such instance, we truly exercise faith, as we do not know the outcome of being obedient, and this truly pleases God. To know that I have pleased God is truly wonderful, and anybody will agree with this.

I have come across certain believers of God who unfortunately have a mistaken belief that what they do will take them to heaven and save them. I have come across many such people when I go to houses and present the gospel. When I come across such people, I think they would even tread on broken glass on their bare knees, if they believed that God would be pleased by such works.

The tragedy is that many people want to receive God’s favors and they think that to gain God’s love they have to do certain works. However, the truth is people simply have to act out of faith rather than obediently following certain rules to gain a particular objective. What is required is simply a trusting attitude and deep faith in God. When people have such faith, God looks down upon us, and definitely says He is pleased.

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